This bibliography lists items found in "The Carton" plus other items collected by the author.  In addition to section and/or page reference, the relevant subject is identified. Unless there is quoted material imbedded in the history, items are not referenced from text because in most cases there are multiple sources providing common information. The supporting information is contained in a North Beach history filing box.

Pictorial History of Saint Lucie County 1565-1910 by Kyle S. VanLandingham- Map of old inlet (p11) and River Boat picture (p15).

World War II in Fort Pierce by Robert A. Taylor - Training information and pictures of revetments (p54/55).

Miley's Memos by Charles S. Miley - Early Inlets, Opening of Port (p36-38); Us Naval Amphibious Training Base (p75/76); History of Intracoastal Waterway (p79-81); First Bridge Across Indian River in Area of Vero Beach (p88/89); Evolvement of Florida Counties (p100-102).

Abstract of Title No. 37703 by St. Lucie Abstract and Title Insurance Co.  Coral Cove Beach Subdivision, Lot 30 of Block 4 - Chain of title, deed restrictions, and plot plans.

Abstract of Title No. 36840 by St. Lucie Abstract and Title Insurance Co.  Coral Cove Beach Subdivision, Lot 9 of Block 2 - Chain of title, deed restrictions, and plot plans.

Our Worthy Commander by Louis H. Burbey - Biography of Benjamin K. Pierce.

St Lucie County Historic Resources Survey by Janus Research - Civil War (p19); Steamboats on the River (p22); House of Refuge (p28); North Indian River Drive (p32); Evolution of A1A (p176/177); Road beginnings (p212).

TRIBUNE - many articles, ranging from 1970 on, filed in the North Beach History File Box.

North Beach Association - Retired files and old publication including the North Hutchinson ISLANDER published quarterly for Association Members.

Many individuals in various walks of life have aided and added to this history.  Some of the key ones and their area of support were:

            Joyce Braun - Technician--Planning & Services Dept.-- St. Lucie County--Mapping Information

            Bob Gladwin - Island history

            Reta & Richard King - Little Jim and island information

            Ron Knaggs - NBA, COP, and Queens Cove information

            Ruth McSween - Curator, Seal Museum information

            Carl Meltzer - Captain of Station 9 - Fire and rescue information

            Craig Mundt - NBA information & information sources

            Raymond Murankes - St. Lucie County Utilities - water services and waste water management

            Matt Samuel - EMT & Fireman - island information and names of information sources

            Nancy Spalding - Coral Cove information

            Chuck Thiess - SEAL Museum and island information

            Jim "Patches" Watson - Extensive SEAL information

            Diane Andrews - Queens Cove information

            Herb & Billie Winemiller - Ocean Harbor North information