By Claudia Woodhouse



Our family -- Harry, I and children -- camped in South Carolina, on the ocean in 1965.  A summer Easter service was held on the beach.  We were so impressed and thought that would be a great idea for our Ocean Resort Beach.  Many Easters came and went and I felt guilty that I had not organized a service.

Finally in 2002 a few of us formed a group to organize the first Ocean Resorts Sunrise Easter Service.  Charter members of the committee were Irene Flieth, John Silberman, Tom McMaster, Rhoda Kinney.  First, we needed a cross - Jim Hulse learned of this and came forward and built a cross out of driftwood from our beach.  His boys have been helping him place it on the beach each Easter, before the sun comes up.  Jack Peterson helped us know the time of the sunrise so we could be gathered before it actually started shining on the surface of the water.  What a beautiful site during the service

Each year a volunteer put the program together and it was distributed at the end of the boardwalk. by others.  It was great to have different people participating each year.

We developed a choir and picked the music that we could all sing.  Before sunrise another group of men brought chairs, platforms, piano and microphones and speakers.  Additionally they hauled tables, coffee pots and supplied so we could have coffee and donuts after the service.  Harry loved going to town for donuts.

A pastor residing at O.R. conducted the message each year, along with a children's message. (See photo below of Claudia & Pastor Rayles.)

 webassets/Claudia___Pastor_Rayles.jpgThe collection went to different groups in the community that might service the people residing at O.R., such as Emergency room, hospice and the like.  Each year the service got better as various problems were solved and more ideas put to use. 

The refreshments are now served at the pavilion and volunteers bring the goodies. 

Three Lilies decorate the base of the cross and then are given out to the person holding the program with the Lilly on the back.

 Not only was the service impressive, but also seeing the people quietly walking to the beach carrying their flashlights.  We invited our neighbors (condominium dwellers) and family and friends of O. R.  residents.

I remember so clearly seeing women attending the service in their Easter hats.  Some time during each service a flock of pelicans passed over the water in single file.  I hope the Easter Sunrise Service will continue forever at O.R. 

All the children went home with some candy.  Most memorable was the jellybean poem. 


Jelly Bean Prayer

Red is for the blood he gave

Green is for the grass he made

Yellow is for the sun so bright

Orange is for the edge of night

Black is for the sins that were made

White is for the grade he gave

Purple is for the hour of sorrow

Pink is for a new tomorrow

A bag full of jelly beans

Colorful and sweet

Is a a promise...

Is an Easter treat!!


I can't possibly thank all the helping hands that made this so special, so only the charter committee members are mentioned.  To them and the rest of you please know how grateful I am for all your support.  I hope the O.R. Easter Sunrise Service will continue forever. 



Below is a write-up that appeared in "The View"  the spring of 2002.








Easter events held at O.R. have been recorded by many residents and visitors via cameras.  However, Tom McMaster has been faithfully recording via his digital cameras many events held at our community for a number of years.  Tom's photos taken in 2004 have been chosen for O.R. history website's showing of Easter celebration at O.R.   Below you will find this man's photos of The Sunrise Services held on the Beach Easter Sunday April 11, 2004. Additionally, you will find Tom's photos from the April 1010, 2004 Easter Egg Hunt.

Below is the 2004 Easter Sunday Sunrise .  Pastor Guy Rayles sang "The Holy City" & delivered the message "A View of the Resurrection".
Photos show some of the congregation, choir, Pastor Rayles & Claudia Woodhouse.                      Joe May plays Amazing Grace with his Bagpipes.
Wolf at the sound controls & congregation                                                              Claudia & Pastor Rayles
webassets/Easter_Sunrise_Service_2004_025.jpgwebassets/Easter_Sunrise_Service_2004_045.jpg webassets/Easter_Sunrise_Service_2004_022.jpg
 Choir Sings Old Rugged Cross
 Guests take advantage of refreshments & socialize
webassets/Easter_Sunrise_Service_2004_058.jpg webassets/Easter_Sunrise_Service_2004_052.jpg
webassets/Easter_Egg_Hunt_2004_002.jpgwebassets/Easter_Egg_Hunt_2004_008.jpg webassets/Easter_Egg_Hunt_2004_009.jpgwebassets/Easter_Egg_Hunt_2004_005.jpg
webassets/Easter_Egg_Hunt_2004_010.jpg webassets/Easter_Egg_Hunt_2004_015.jpg

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