Shirley Brown and Barbara McDonald started thinking about water exercises for all of us that wished to come to the pool and get a little stretching, etc. Of course, I went to my computer and ordered all kinds of books for water aerobics for young and old. This had to be in the early 90's sometime. I have no idea which year we started.


This didn't take long before we had quite a group. Some were regulars, some were guests of owners, and some just seemed to come for conversation. They usually stayed at the other end of the pool by the steps - didn't you Louise Flexer! We had a great time, learned all the news and gossip, decided on lunch dates, a little bit of everything. If someone was ill, we all gave a willing hand, made meals for them and like a big happy family, we took care of each other.


One of the first jobs was to round up some half gallon plastic milk containers and beg maintenance for a big garbage container to keep them in between classes. This worked out pretty good, except for some that really thought it WAS a garbage container. We used these for resistance under water and filled them up with water for weights to lift.


I have very fond memories of those days and I am so glad Nancy Hunter is still keeping the idea going for all of you. There were times when I could not go in the water but they were always faithful to their exercises and kept the activity going.


Maintenance was very helpful to us - for almost anything. I remember Tim designed a very nice system to keep our pool a little cooler during the hot summer months. It was a brilliant invention.


By Barbara McDonald



We meet Monday - Saturday at 9 am, for one hour. Some times it's cool or rainy, but the pool most of the time is 82 degrees --summer and winter.   Come join us.

Keep those exercises up. They are good for you for MANY reasons.


This is the way to take care of your mind and your body!

By Nancy Hunter


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