By Ralph Conte Dockmaster

 (From The View, March 2001 issue,

Edited by Carolyn Leaman 2010)


Recently Bob our Editor asked me to give him some knowledge on the origin of our Marina.

Fifteen years ago there was no Marina. The whole area was put aside for people in tents. The campground also had a recreation director and some canoes in that area.  If you got up early enough in the morning you could get into a canoe and a whole group together would paddle to the first island. Then our Director would make us cocoa and cookies and after about one hour we'd paddle back.

Bryn Mawr, which was the name of our campground then, decided to put a small dock in. It was good for awhile but eventually became too small. In 1986 a small group of men decided to start the Marina Committee. This committee started with some of the following: Herbert Huth, Ray Smith, John Dickert, John McAlley, Al Benson, and Ray Mehlenbacker. There were many more, so we must apologize for the names we've missed.

These men and others raised the money to extend the main dock, and put in the side dock. They not only raised the money, but also worked to help build it.

They also had cleat tie-ups alone the wall, where Bob Baxter's house is now. These two lots were sold so this space was lost

John McAlley and Red Cunningham are no longer with us but we salute them for their efforts.

From that time on the Marina Committee through fish fries, and spaghetti dinners has almost fully paid for our Marina and all its accessories.

The Marina Committee has accomplished many things, but I don't think people realize all the work put into it

All of the men and women who have worked very hard for the Marina have invested thousands of dollars to make it what it is today.  We will continue to keep up the

 standards that our predecessors handed down.(For additional info click below on Al Benson's Article-- A History of Ocean Resorts Park)



(Above photos by Bob Roeckner)

A History of Ocean Resorts Park