By Jean Lockerby

Edited by Carolyn Leaman (2010)


In 1997 during the winter season Dan Darrow posted a notice at the Post Office for contributions towards building a Bocce Court.  Dan's softball buddies, Jim Kalk, Bob Baxter, Paul Perrotta, Pete Kearns and Jim Moon in addition to 20 shareholders contributed.


The first court was constructed by moving all concrete by wheel barrel from the Mixer to the Court.  Bolts were put into concrete to hold side and end boards.  Carpet that was taken up when the tennis courts were replaced in the fall of 1996 was used.


Shareholder interest was so great that a second court was built the following year.  All expenses were paid for by shareholder contributions and the hard work of a few dedicated volunteers.  Construction of benches and two sets of bocce balls and the shed with which to store the equipment were also a part of the expense.


By the season of 1999/2000 176 shareholders were playing bocce under modified rules made to speed play, increase scoring and simplify the game.


At the seasons end a tournament was held with hot dogs, food and drink for everyone.  Spectators were welcomed to join in the party.


Dan Darrow with the help of Paul Perrotta and John Hamele continued with bocce through the 2003 season as the sport continued to attract a large number of people, renters as well as shareholders.  In April of 2003, Darrow had a meeting to get volunteers to form a committee to take over the bocce functions.  The committee was Jim and Linda Hulse, Jim and Louise Kalk, Chuck & Jean Lockerby, Martha Pursiful, Steve and Janet Surovac and Ben Thompson.  Jim and Linda Hulse agreed to be chairmen, Jean Lockerby - statistician, Martha Pursiful - scheduling and Steve and Janet Surovac - fund raising.  At that time the organization was operating under donations.  In 2004, we had 144 regular participants in bocce plus any substitutes that participated as needed


Jean Lockerby continued as statistician until 2008 at which time Mary Dombro took over.  Jim and Linda Hulse have given countless hours to bocce and organizing work crews etc.  It is a sport that everybody can participate in and an opportunity to meet new people.  Many additions and improvements have been made in recent year.  Benches have been replaced as well as court surfaces.