Bette Weed chronicles her experience when the space shuttle Challenger blew up in 1986.  Photo Below furnished by Doris LeGrande and collage made when Carolyn Leaman scanned a photo from the Vero Beach Newspaper, noting  the 25th anniversary, January 28, 2011

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This week was the 25th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Blowing up. I cried
through the day as I remember being on the beach with the Gang looking up to the
North.   I had a small radio to my ear and I was shouting out the countdown
to the rest of the people around me.  " 5-4-3-2-1- Take-off."  We watched north
and waited for the first view from our beach and everyone gave out a cheer
at the sight of the rocket with the fire coming from it's tail.   Up Up it
went and I yelled "something is wrong with the rocket!"    See the smoke starting
from it.   Everyone stopped cheering and gazed up in horror.   All of
a sudden it blew up all to pieces.   Everyone screamed and cried.   The
radio had been silent for a minute or so, when the small smoke first appeared.   
Then they shouted out "My God the Rocket has exploded and is falling into
the ocean"   I ran back over A1A   jumped on my bike and rode to the Rec.
Hall where the men were working on something.   I yelled out to Burt and the
Guys what had just happened.   I rode home to our trailer telling everyone on
the way, who wasn't on the beach what had just happened.   I was crying all
the way home.   I went in and put on the TV and they were just announcing
about the Rocket Blow up.   We at Ocean Resorts saw the whole thing from our
Beach.   I called home to "Our Diner " and told them.   That is when our
customers first leaned about it.   I will never forget that day as long as I live.
And I cry everytime I think of it.
Bette Weed

Christmas time in the old Days

By Betty Weed


The statement below appeared on the O.R. group email site.  It was in response to photos of the 2013 Children's Christmas Party. 



Oh the pictures brought back memories of the old days at OR   Helen Foti  would buy extra Knitting Needles etc.  and teach the kids to knit out on the beach.  A lot of the children were never near or saw the Ocean before.   They were from the central states.  We used to save medicine bottles and pill bottles all washed out and dried.  The kids would put Ocean water in the screw top bottles and label. In the pill bottles they would put sand and seashells which they labeled.  Then we took pictures of them wading in the ocean.  After they would finish they would write a report on what they saw and felt.  They would put this in a zip locked bag and take them home to make a report for school.  We received nice notes from them saying they got A's and B's from their teachers when they told of their vacations at Ocean Resorts Florida  We always enjoyed when the kids came down   they didn't have to be yours to enjoy them   Betty Weed  God Bless you all