Evolution of North Beach





This reveals the development of North Hutchinson Island, frequently called North Beach by the locals.   Some early historical items are included to understand from whence the current North Beach evolved.  Actually Shirley Burlingham really had the first thought for creating this history. She researched and collected material. She also started some writings, some of which are woven into this history.  She passed “The Carton” of her collections to her successor President of the North Beach Association (NBA), Craig Mundt, who loaned the “carton” to me to draw from.  Content of the carton was sorted, cataloged, filed.  More information has been obtained from historical writings, newspaper articles, abstracts, county records, internet research, personal experiences, and discussions with many county officials, leaders and residents of North Beach.  A list of Individuals providing information is included in the credits within the bibliography.  My most supportive wife, Carolyn, helped me immensely with photography work, editing, and the original posting on the Ocean Resorts history web site created by her.  There is also relevant history labeled “Treasure Coast Development” and “Civil War History on North Beach” under the “Beginnings” tab on this Ocean Resorts history WEB site.

            In viewing this history you must realize that true development of North Hutchinson Island, as we know it, only started after World War II, so it is a young evolving community.  There certainly are voids in this history that may be filled in as information is gained. Comments, corrections, and additions are most welcome. oldad70@gmail.com.    John Leaman