By Irene Flieth



Several years before Ocean Resorts became a Co-op we had a little store where you could buy bread, milk, beer, pop, etc.  This is where people signed up for a camp site.  This was also the place where our mail was delivered. 


There was a row of boxes (see present day intra park mail boxes) with A to Z written on them and everyone had to go through them to find their mail.  Sometimes the F's wound up in the E Box or G Box.  It was not the best thing! 


Consequently, one fine day, a committee was formed to see if it would be possible for us to have our own Post Office.   We contacted the Fort Pierce Post Office and they sent out a representative.  After many meetings as to where we could put the Post Office and many other questions, we finally got our Post Office in June of 1991. 


All the streets had to be renamed and we all got our own address -before that we just used lot numbers.  We paid $40 for a Post Office Box and 2 keys, -- no one argued about that.  Now only the mail man handles our mail, and everyone is happy. 


I wish I could remember the names of all the committee members - Bob & Irene Flieth and Lee Edwards, but who were the rest?  Can you tell me?