By Carolyn Leaman
Photos by Roeckner, McMaster, Postcard





Once upon a time a restaurant & lounge, first called "Red Tailed Hawk", later " PV Martin's was located on the ocean just  across from Ocean Resorts Campground.   They had a wonderful Seafood Buffet that many residents and their families enjoyed.  C. J. & Carol Neuhoff tell how many years ago they took his brother & his wife to the restaurant.  The wife was a big fan of Jane Pauley and lo and behold Jane and her husband Garry Trudeau were dining at the time at the restaurant.  It was quite exciting.  Residents of O.R. have had many an interesting night there, and the facility is sadly missed.  

Management at Ocean Resorts discovered that our boardwalk had inadvertently been built partly on lands belonging to the owners of PV Martins restaurant (the JOFU Corporation); Ocean Resorts purchased the land it had encroached upon from JOFU Corporation.  This is evidenced by Warranty Deed February 5, 1997.

However, one day employees showed up for work and were greeted by locked doors and a sign that read "Restaurant Sold".   Ginn Developers bought it.   The building was partially destroyed by the 2004 Twin  Hurricanes  and then in 2005  it was leveled.  Eventually the land was purchased by Barnes Blvd. Warehouses Storage, Inc.  Our neighbors, Ocean Harbor North has approached O.R. to join them in purchasing this land, but a committee appointed by the O.R. BOD decided against any further negotiations at this time.