VOLUNTEERISM  Alex Rabitaille

by Carolyn Leaman


Alex Rabitaille has always been one of Ocean Resorts "movers and shakers", He can be seen from one end of the park to the other helping out all the committees; i.e. Activities, Social Events, Beautification, Tennis, Marina and many many others.   Therefore, Alex was asked to list all the volunteer work he can remember doing since arriving in the park 25 years ago.   You will find this piece below entitled "My Fun at Ocean Resorts".  Be sure and see photos listed at the end of the article.

 webassets/Rabitaille_s.jpgFlorence and Alex at a block party way back when

Ocean Resorts is not the only receiver of Alex's fun.  He volunteers at his church by ushering and singing in the choir, along with his wife, Florence.    If they are not throwing a party or some other such entertainment for their friends  the couple can be seen riding around the park - Florence with her 3 wheeler and Alex his two wheel riding behind sometimes getting left behind when he stops to chat with his many friends.  


Thank you Alex, for all the wonderful volunteer work you have done for Ocean Resorts.




By Alex Rabitaille.



August 19, 1986 we became residents at Ebbtide Way (Formerly SeaCoast Rd.)  There was grass growing on both sides of the street 18" to 24".  It looked real bad so I borrowed the park power edger and cleared the whole street.  The street looked good, but my tree was ugly, so I borrowed the park reach pole.  That didn't work so I borrowed the ladder and that worked.



Back then the park didn't have the trees trimmed, so I bought a 32 foot extension ladder and started trimming other peoples' for $5.00 each.  I opened a bank account to collect the money in O.R.'s‘name.  Since I was the only one doing the work I was the only person to spend the money.   When the park purchased the new entrance sign I closed the account and donated almost $1300 toward the sign. 


The tennis committee had no way of making money so I started our Pancake Breakfasts.  I ran it for seven years purchasing the food in town and arranging helpers to cook and clean up.  This was before we had a kitchen at the recreation building.


Vince D'Ambrosia and I bought paint for the tennis court one time and with the help of other players, painted the fence surrounding the courts.  I applied mold reducer to the surfaces of the tennis and bocce courts.  Also, Vila Smith asked for my help reworking the tennis court nets to their proper height.  Additionally, I have had responsibility for dragging the courts many times as well as adding sand.



At Christmas time, since we didn't have a Beautification Committee I advanced money to purchase Xmas lights to decorate the trees at the entrance and the gardens.  Also, I arranged to have a group walk around the park singing carols.  We did this for a few years until the Activities Committee started having the Xmas Carol Fest.  I did lead that for a couple of years.  At the 1986 Xmas party I was asked to be the New Year Baby with a diaper.  Wolf Feschner was Father Time.


I served on the O.R. BOD for full 3 year term., and also, helped trim trees on the island in front of the Marina.  Additionally I have helped during chicken and fish dinners.


Around 1987 we had a real freeze at O.R.  White plastic piping at the water meters froze and split.  There were water fountains all over the place.  I surveyed the entire park for Norton, for leaking pipes and found some meters were not even measuring the water.  A couple meters were installed backwards.  Found one site that had connected his lawn watering system to park water.


Ray Smith and I helped remodel all four comfort stations.  Ray did the carpentry and I painted.   At my urging Rhoda Kinney played at our Hymn Sing at the Rec Hall.  We had a great turn out.


After the 2004 Hurricanes, Norton asked me to install a temporary set of stairs to get from the Boardwalk to the Beach.  Later on John Leaman and I rebuilt the platform and stairs for the Boardwalk.  The front fencing of the park was replaced with what is now the white plastic fences and I helped with that. 


I've worked on the garbage truck for a number of years helping George Proctor on Saturdays.  After the 2005 Hurricane (Wilma) I helped clear the beach of pilings that washed in.  A number of times I've painted all the street marking, pressure washed the pool deck, shuffle board area and the pavilion ad all the park buildings.


All the loose concrete around the pool in order to prepare for the rework of the pool, was removed by me.  I performed a weed killing procedure for Darren around areas of the park. 

This concludes my list of  the fun I've had around the park.  I hope to continue this fun for many years.  There's nothing like keeping busy and doing for others.



                                                                                                 Tom McMaster Photo